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Fandom omg
noel and ju b&w 2

All fanfic posted here will remain unlocked. Feel free to add me if you'd like, and if you want to be added back, just drop me a comment or a PM!

Most of my fics can also be found on AO3.

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Cops and Robbers
Mint Royale
Adorable Fast Fuse art by nikki_frost! :D It made me smile stupidly! :D :D :D

(Click image for bigger size on DeviantArt!)

This is timely because I've had that fic in mind lately, in relation to RPS AUs! It was weird to me at first to see SO MANY Jared/Jensen AUs in the SPN fandom, but I've since realized that the Boosh fandom sort of had them too, just under a different guise. Fast Fuse is basically a Noel/Julian AU, the only difference is that I changed their names. And it's totally made me want to write undercover-cop!Jared/bankrobber-Jensen. XD That would be pretty shameless though!

Happy Valentine's Day!
sam & dean
...or Unattached Drifter Christmas, whichever one you prefer.

I got the best V-day gift ever in form of fic from the_reverand! :D :D :D It has original flavour Sam/Dean AND Femchesters all in one lovely package, because she knows me very well. Parallel universes and soulmates and a lot of hot porn, and it's awesome and everyone who is even mildly into Wincest should go read it now. It's current canon, too! <33333 She is the best ladyfriend of all ladyfriends.

I don't have a proper reaction post for the last SPN episode but I've gotta say that I'm feeling the love for Show again. <3 It's an impressive streak of good episodes! It was a strange (and kind of unnecessary?) journey, but I feel like the show I fell in love with is back. :D I hope it stays that way.
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SPN FIC: Call It Education
sam &amp; dean
Title: Call It Education
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2,500
Notes: This is pretty much just porn for porn's sake, and is entirely due to this picture (**promo shot for 8x13**, not very spoilery but click at your own risk!). I said all he needed was some glasses to complete the outfit, quickreaver said he should be reciting Latin, and then this fic happened. I make no apologies. It's based on what Sam is wearing, but there are no spoilers beyond that. Thanks to the_reverand for looking it over! <3
Summary: Sam buys a new costume for a job, and Dean really likes it.

He'd really have to look the part.Collapse )

hi there sammy
darling sammy
The new promo pics for SPN 8x13 are all pretty golden, but, Christ, this one?
Not very spoilery, but just in case...Collapse )

SPN 8x11
moss &lt;3
Spoiler alert: I loved it.Collapse )

In other news, my BB is now at 7.2K and I'm just getting started. >.< I know exactly where I'm going with it though, which is rare for me! I was tempted to write more of it tonight but I should really go to bed.

SPN 8x10
winchester bros
Quick and dirty episode reactionCollapse )

SPN FIC: White Out
sam &amp; dean
Title: White Out
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 6,500
Spoilers: Set about halfway through Season 7.
Notes: Written for spn_j2_xmas. Merry Christmas, de_nugis! This was written for your prompt: “Sam and Dean are stranded because of the weather, at a time when things are tense between them.” I tried to weave in a couple of elements from your ‘likes’ as well. I hope this fits the bill. Happy holidays!

Bonus art post by the lovely amberdreams over here!

Dean wakes up shivering.Collapse )

FIC: Underground Wires (2/2)
winchester bros
Back to Part One

Part TwoCollapse )

FIC: Underground Wires (1/2)
darling sammy
Title: Underground Wires
Pairing: Sam/Dean, mild Sam/OFC
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~15,900
Warnings: Genderswap (always-a-girl!Sam), underage sexuality (Sam is 17)
Artist: clex_monkie89
Notes: This was written for the Sam&Dean 2012 Mini-Bang 2012, hosted by the wonderful people at samdean_otp. Thanks to the mods for all your hard work! Big thanks to the_reverand who held my hand the whole way and even wrote me Dean POV ficlets set in this verse because she is awesome that way. <3 I am super grateful to clex_monkie89 for saving the day at the very last minute with an art pinch-hit, you're my hero! Title from The Past is a Grotesque Animal by Of Montreal. It's a 12 minute epic and you should listen to it (you know, if you want, I'm not your boss).

Summary: It’s hard enough being a teenage girl even without all the extra crap: they move around all the time, her family is as far removed from normal as it’s possible to get, and she’s in love with her older brother. Sam has no control on any of it, she’s just trying to stay afloat.

Part One | Part Two | Read on AO3

Art post (Check it out even if you don't read the fic because it's wonderful.)

Part OneCollapse )

I guess I'm feeling more optimistic today, so:
darling sammy

A more positive spin on S8 SammyCollapse )

SPN 8x03
winchester bros
It's funny how different episode reactions tend to be between Tumblr folks and LJ folks. I read all the squee and the quoted dialogue on Tumblr and I can't help but think that I must be getting bitter in my old age. XD

Anyway, uh, I don't have a ton of positive stuff to say about this one. Stay away if you don't want me to harsh your squee.

8x03Collapse )

running and killer trees and more SPN ramble
sam &amp; dean
I was out running on a trail today with my dog (I'm training for a half-marathon) and A TREE NEARLY FELL ON MY HEAD. It was very windy and I could see it swaying dangerously low in the middle of the trail so I zoomed under it as fast as I could. Half a minute later it crashed down right in the middle of the trail. Death by tree, that wouldn't have been a very dignified way to go!

SPN 8x02Collapse )

SPN 8x01
bitchface sammy

well!Collapse )

moar SPN emotions
bruised sammy
...because apparently I can't shut up about this show. I'm sorry to anyone reading this journal who isn't in that fandom. >.> Also if I'd written this yesterday the tone would be very different. I have made a conscious decision to CALM THE FUCK DOWN. This is why I shouldn't get invested in shows that are still running. >.>
cut for image but not really spoileryCollapse )

moss &lt;3
I'm kind of enjoying being involved in a fandom again after a year long hiatus!

I've mostly finished a 15K fic for the SamDean Minibang, which contains crap I never thought I'd be interested in writing (genderswap! het incest! wtf is wrong with meeeeee! this fucking show, man!) that I still have to go through and edit. I haven't heard back from my artist though, I hope she's alright and hasn't fallen off the face of the earth. :/

Also I signed up for the SPN_J2 Christmas exchange despite the fact that I never ever sign up for that stuff usually, but I'm looking forward to that. I can't wait to get the name of my recipient so I can go through the prompts and start thinking up ideas. :D Stupid SPN, I really didn't think it would be this addictive. >.< THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, the_reverand!!!

S8 soon! I'm nervous about it but Sam looks hella attractive in the previews. Urf. If I find the storyline disappointing, I can just watch it on mute. *__*

In other news, I watched the pilot of Revolution and kinda enjoyed it. I had pretty low expectations. Anyone else seen it? ALSO The Walking Dead comes back soon, aww yeah. And QI is back and NMTB starts back soon. I love this time of the year.

tl;dr about Teen WolfCollapse )
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SPN FIC: Watching Over Us
darling sammy
Title: Watching Over Us
Author: eggnogged
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean & spectator Castiel (hints of Sam/Dean/Castiel)
Word count: 5,900
Notes: This is pretty much straight up porn. Spoilers up to 6.12. Huge thanks to the_reverand for her help! <3
Summary: Castiel is curious, Dean and Sam oblige.

When their mom used to say that angels were watching over them, this is probably not what she had in mind.Collapse )

bitchface sammy
I really hate to be the kind of fan who gets worked up about vague spoilers. I KNOW I should just wait to see how it plays out. And I KNOW I shouldn't even read those spoilers in the first place because I can't help speculating and analyzing and angsting. Someone needs to take Tumblr away from me, seriously.

Still, word vomit below, because I don't want to harass the_reverand more than I already do via email! Also, this bit of rambling is very Sam-centric because I've given up trying to pretend that I don't have a ridiculous Sammy bias.

Beware! SDCC Supernatural S8 spoilers below!Collapse )

Fast Fuse Master Post
ju mint royale
Notes: Fast Fuse is a story centered on Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt's characters in this music video, and those 3 minutes of music are pretty much all the canon you'll need to get started. It was written & posted in 2010, but I've just now got around to making a master post. >.> Huge thanks to the_reverand for all her help!
Rating: NC-17 over all
Word Count: ~29K


Supernatural fic: A Winchester Always Pays His Debts (Game of Thrones fusion fic)
bitchface sammy
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Sam
Words: ~3000
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Dean Winchester reluctantly sits the Iron Throne. Thankfully he has his brother at his side.
Notes: Game of Thrones fusion AU (Well, A Song of Ice and Fire AU, if I'm being pedantic). I'm sorry, GRRM! So, this fic is a bit embarrassing. It came about because I thought, "Hey, Sam and Dean would do alright in Westeros, incest is all the rage there! They could be like the Lannisters." And then I imagined Sam wearing a knight's armor, and my brain fizzed. Possibly you need to be at least vaguely familiar with Game of Thrones and the geography of that world for this to really make sense. Thanks to the_reverand for being indulgent and looking it over for me. Any mistakes are all mine!
Warnings: Wincest and nerdiness and schmoopy porn. I can only apologize.

Dean Winchester had never wanted the Iron Throne.Collapse )