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Happy Valentine's Day!
sam & dean
...or Unattached Drifter Christmas, whichever one you prefer.

I got the best V-day gift ever in form of fic from the_reverand! :D :D :D It has original flavour Sam/Dean AND Femchesters all in one lovely package, because she knows me very well. Parallel universes and soulmates and a lot of hot porn, and it's awesome and everyone who is even mildly into Wincest should go read it now. It's current canon, too! <33333 She is the best ladyfriend of all ladyfriends.

I don't have a proper reaction post for the last SPN episode but I've gotta say that I'm feeling the love for Show again. <3 It's an impressive streak of good episodes! It was a strange (and kind of unnecessary?) journey, but I feel like the show I fell in love with is back. :D I hope it stays that way.
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