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noel and ju b&w 2
It shouldn't be this nerve-wracking to submit fics to a moderated community. XD I'm always vaguely worried that someone will email me with WTF IS THIS YOU WEIRDO, REJECTED!!!

*twiddles thumbs*

Well, may as well go make dinner now.

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From what I've gathered, a lot of people feel the same way (including me). YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


I need to stop refreshing my friends page obsessively. >.>

What did you write???

Just a little fluffy Howard/Vince, based on my 'Hair' prompt at boosh_shorts. :D Hopefully it will be up soon.

BSH can be soooooo slow. I think the mods don´t check it a lot.

It took me forever to get a character on the RP. I was all, ¨They hate me. They think this character is stupid and doesn´t belong here. They think I suck.¨ Emo, emo emo. ;_: I was 15 for a couple of days.

Go watch the winter Olympics or something. Oooooooh! Women´s biathalon!

I've only posted there once before, and it actually went through within an hour that time! It was probably just luck that a mod saw it so quickly, but it's making me nervous that it's been several hours since I submitted this one. XD

Oh well, hopefully it will be up when I get up tomorrow. In the meantime I'm writing fic for booshbattle, so it's all good!

Who are you on the RP? :D

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