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Drive-by rec!
noel and ju b&w 2
Get thee over to tmb_fansecrets  and go read 'Ways and Means' by the_reverand , cause I get the sneaking suspicion that a lot of people have missed it, and it's possibly my favorite thing ever. I just read it again and thought I would pimp it here. ;)

It's Saboo/Tony Harrison, the dialogue is SPOT ON and hilarious, it's porny, and it's so wrong it's right. Is there a special corner in Hell for people who enjoy reading the occasional tentacle!porn?

Now I'm off to school to look at some brains. Toodle pip!

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Haha, aw thanks. :D I wondered if it was perhaps too weird for the haven. I really don't know! ^ ^

Yay, brains!

Hahah, I don't think it's too weird for BSH. I mean, it will be behind a cut, and people should expect weird if they chose to read an NC-17 fic featuring Tony. XD

I guess I could always submit it and see if it makes it through! Heh. :)

Perfect for blueboosh!


The part about Saboo leaving his hat on...Dang!

We need Saboo over at the RP...

*waves cookie*

Hehe, aw thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And what is Saboo without his hat!

That's my second invite to the RPG. :) Sadly I don't do RPG, but I appreciate it all the same! :D

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